Archive 2021

Festival Tous Courts, December 2021

Semibreve, October 2021

turva’s showcase at gnration’s blackbox venue, in Braga, as part of the acclaimed portuguese electronic music & digital arts festival Semibreve
3h durational performance with concerts by Lorr No, Vasco Lé, funcionário, Alagoa, AG.R97
Live Visuals Production by AALTAR System 
Technical Assistance by Júlia Valente
Warm acknowledgement to Adriana João for her image

Transient Visions, October 2021

Screening of GRID (2021) at the Transient Visions Festival at the Spool Contemporary Art Space in Johnson City, NY, USA

Cairo Video Festival, October 2021

Screening of GRID (2021) at the Cairo Video Festival in Egypt

SMUP, September 2021

Presentation of sound piece "The Jar" live at SMUP, in Parede, Portugal.
Image by Adriana João.

Villa Rohannec’h, August 2021

Screening of GRID (2021) as part of Villa Rohannec’h’s experimental film sessions, on August 28th and 29th, in Saint-Brieuc, France

CICA Museum, July - August 2021

Group exhibition at the CICA Museum, in Gyeonggi, South Korea
Featured Artists 참여작가: Mia B. Adams, Alexandre Alagôa, Nabil Aniss, Lesley Bunch, ChungJinSung 정진성 Volkan Diyaroglu, Hyunhee Doh 도현희, Kiel Fletcher, 한희선, Shinzo Higashiyama, Raluca Iancu, Eun Hye Jang 장은혜, Seungkyu Jung 정승규, Philippos Kappa, Clearwater.Kim 김정수, 김정환, 김민서, 고숙, Eunn Kweon 권정은, Kehan Lai, Jean-René Leblanc, Eun LEE 이은, Seunghwan Lee 이승환, Nick LeJeune, Ruihua Liang, Inga Lineviciute, Stevenson Michel, Elaine Catherine Miller, Kyungmoon Min 민경문, ParkJungYoon 박정윤, Madison & Paolo Pomarico, Lauren Pringle, Marie Ruprecht,Galina Semenova, Hande Sever, Anna Sibylla, Clark Stoeckley, Holly Streekstra, Sylvain Souklaye, Gilles Tarabiscuité, Simon Tatum, Solin Yoon 윤소린

This Is Where We Are Right Now, May - June 2021

Group Exhibition at the Aggregate Space Gallery in West Oakland California, alongside fellow colleagues Cristine Blanco, Stijn Demeulenaere and Jan Locus, Carey Lin and Gabriel Gilder, Ellie Kyungran Heo, Raji Jagadeesan, Anna Landa, Allyson Packer and Jesse Fisher, Sun Park, and Mia Kiera Sweeney.

Vienna Shorts, May - June 2021

Austrian Premiere of GRID (2021) at the Vienna Shorts Film Festival.

Split Video Art Festival, May 2021

Premiere of GRID (2021) at the Split Video Art Festival in the city of Split, in Croatia. The film own the Grand Prix Award for Best Film.

Strangloscope, March 2021

Premiere of GRID (2021) at Strangloscope, in Brasil, a festival bringing together experimental film, music concerts and performances. This year the event took place online due to the current situation.
Brasil, 19th to the 27th of March 2021