Hunks Of Spoiling Flesh On Desintegrating Bones, 2018

Electronic Noise Ambient
1 Song Album :: 29'02''
Independent Release :: Digipack 50 copies
Music, Mixed and Mastered by Alexandre Alagôa
Artwork by Tiago Jordão
Released on November 16th and presented live at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon with André Silva, Mariana Vinheiras and Pedro Tavares

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Consciousness is an existential liability, as every pessimist agrees – a blunder of blind nature, according to Zapffe, that has taken humankind down a black hole of logic. To make it through this life, we must make believe that we are not what we are – contradictory beings whose continuance only worsens our plight as mutants who embody the contorted logic of a paradox. To correct this blunder, we should desist from procreating. What could be more judicious or more urgent, existentially speaking, than our self-administered oblivion? At the very least, we might give some regard to this theory of blunder as “thought-experiment.” All civilizations become defunct. All species die out. There is even an expiration date on the universe itself. Human beings would certainly not be the first phenomenon to go belly up. But we could be the first to precipitate our own passing, abbreviating it before the bodies really started to stack up. Could we know to their most finegrained details the lives of all who came before us, would we bless them for the care they took to keep the race blundering along? Could we exhume them alive, would we shake their bony, undead hands and promise to pass on the favor of living to future generations? Surely that is what they would want to hear, or at least that is what we want to think they would want to hear. And just as surely that is what we would want to hear from our descendents living in far posterity, strangers though they would be as they shook our bony, undead hands.

Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against The Human Race, pp. 51-52

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