Alexandre Alagôa (1994) is an experimental filmmaker and multimedia artist working between Lisbon and Luxembourg.

Alagôa’s work explores the mechanical, plastic and durational specificities of the audiovisual medium, and its immediate physical, raw and kinetic impact on the viewer’s perceptual organism and nervous system, often resulting in a xamanic-like ritual where eye, body and brain are submitted into a space and time-bending experience: matter, perspective and compositional logic are constantly being challenged, on the verge of a breaking point. From an obvious presentation of reality, to its manipulation and deterioration, Alagôa’s films usually present us a familiar world only to slowly exhaust it: a complete destruction of the Earth’s gravity, now entering a void where light and movement merge and interact into a new formless world, shattering the senses of vision and hearing into new sensible and obscure realms.

Graduated in Multimedia Arts (2015), Master in Audiovisuals (2018) and Post Graduated in Sound Art (2019) from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. From 2017 to 2018 integrates the Multimedia Art Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon as a Technician and Assistant, supporting the Audiovisual students in the development and presentation of film, video and installations.

Invited lecturer for Cultural and Educational Portuguese Institutions such as Atelier de Lisboa (Alvalade, Lisbon) and CineReactor (S. Sebastião, Lisbon), giving speeches on Experimental Film, mostly focused on the Structural Film approach. Also collaborated as a video and sound technician for portuguese Cultural Associations such as Associação Gandaia (Costa da Caparica, Portugal) and Gerador (Lisbon, Portugal).

In 2020 launches a new project entitled turva, an audiovisual label focused on the production and publishing of experimental art, along with portuguese musician and sound artist Luís Neto.

Alagôa’s films and audiovisual pieces have been present in international festivals and exhibitions, such as Go Short (The Netherlands, 2022), Videoformes (France, 2022), Monstra (Portugal, 2022), Vienna Shorts (Austria, 2021), Festival Tous Courts (France, 2021), Cairo Video Fest (Egypt, 2021), Flatpack (UK, 2021), Split Video Art Festival (Croatia, 2021), Strangloscope (Brazil, 2021), Art Madrid (Spain, 2020), InShadow: Lisbon Screendance Festival (Lisbon, 2018); Festival Ecrã (Brazil, 2018); Festival Video Art Miden (Greece, 2018); Richterfest (Russia, 2017); IVAHM (Spain, 2017); Festival Reverso 02 (Lisbon, 2016); I stood up and... never sat down again (Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, 2016).


2018 - 2019
Post Graduation in Sound Art
from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon

2015 - 2018
Masters Degree in Audiovisuals
from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon

2012 - 2015
Graduation in Multimedia Art - Audiovisuals
from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon


// 2022
La Parceria (selection by the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival)
Madrid, Spain

Ateneu del Raval (selection by the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival)
Barcelona, Spain

04 > 06.11.2022
Light Matter Film Festival
Alfred University, New York, USA

Monstra: Monstra à Solta
Centro de Artes e Espectáculo de Portalegre, Portugal

11 > 25.10.2022
Prémios / Awards
Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Portugal

08 > 14.10.2022
International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

06 > 15.10.2022
Genève, Switzerland

15 > 18.09.2022
Ibrida Festival
Forli, Italy

26.08.2022 > 04.09.2022
Festival International du Film de Nancy
Nancy, France

12.08.2022 > 18.08.2022
Bogotá Experimental Film Festival
Bogotá, Colombia

01.07.2022 > 24.07.2022
Festival Ecrã
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What You See Is What You Get
Den Haag, The Netherlands

22.06.2022 > 26.06.2022
Pan-Cinema Experimental
Curitiba’s Cinematheque, Brasil

Monstra à Solta
Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal

14.06.2022 > 19.06.2022
Short Waves
Poznán, Poland

25.05.2022 > 30.05.2022
Vienna Shorts
Vienna, Austria

EFEA - Experimental Film East Anglia
Norwich, United Kingdom

18.05.2022 > 20.05.2022
Video Art Projects
Thessaloniki, Greece

13.05.2022 > 15.05.2022
Festival Oodaaq
Rennes, France

30.04.2022 > 09.05.2022
Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
Oberhausen, Germany

S/ Título: Quer Curtas Ou Não
Corrente, Lisbon, Portugal

14.04.2022 > 16.04.2022
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Milwaukee, USA

01.04.2022 > 10.04.2022
Go Short
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

16.03.2022 > 27.03.2022
Lisboa, Portugal

17.03.2022 > 20.03.2022
Clermont-Ferrand, France

// 2021
30.11.2021 > 04.12.2021
Festival Tous Courts
Aix-en-Provence, France

22 & 23.10.2021
Transient Visions
Spool Contemporary, Johnson City, NY, USA

01 > 20.10.2021
Cairo Video Festival
Cairo, Egypt

12 > 17.10.2021
Over the Real
Lucca, Italy

28 & 29.08.2021
La Villa en Court 2
Villa Rohannec’h, Saint Brieuc, France

21.07.2021 > 08.08.2021
CICA Museum, Korea

14.05.2021 > 19.06.2021
This Is Where We Are Right Now
Aggregate Gallery, Oakland, California, USA

27.05.2021 > 01.06.2021
Vienna Shorts
Vienna, Austria

21.05.2021 > 31.05.2021
London, UK

20.05.2021 > 23.05.2021
Split Video Art Festival
Split, Croatia

19.03.2021 > 27.03.2021
Strangloscope Festival
Brazil, Online Event

// 2020
10.07.2020 > 10.09.2020
ADAF: Athens Digital Arts Festival
Online Event

26.02.2020 > 01.03.2020
Art Madrid '20
Madrid, Spain

// 2019
Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece

Desterro Lisbon, Portugal

09.09.2019 > 30.09.2019
9th Cairo Video Fest
Cairo, Egypt

20.07.2019 > 31.07.2019
A Descida ao Maelstrom
Cossoul, Lisbon, Portugal

06.06.2019 > 30.06.2019
Zaratan, Lisbon, Portugal

01 > 08.06.2019
Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Portugal

29, 30 & 31.05.2019
RUA (Caldas Late Night), Silos
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

26 > 28.04.2019
Ibrida Festival
Fabbrica delle Candele, Italy

05.04.2019 > 25.04.2019
MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece

21.02.2019 > 23.02.2019
CINENOVA - First Interuniversity Film Festival in Portugal
Nova School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lisbon, Portugal

21.02.2019 > 23.02.2019
Mostra Nacional de Jovens Criadores
Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal

// 2018
22.11.2018 > 14.12.2018
InShadow: Lisbon Screendance Festival
Lisbon, Portugal

16 > 18.11.2018
North Bellarine Film Festival
Potato Shed, Drysdale, Victoria, Australia

01 > 31.09.2018
Counterpath: The Unseen Festival
Denver, Colorado, United States of America

14 > 15.09.2018
Pugnant Film Series: Fuck the Narration
Chimeres Space, Athens, Greece

30.07.18 > 03.08.18
Moita Village, Castro Daire, Viseu, Portugal

17.07.2018 > 22.07.2018
Festival Ecrã

Cinemateca do MAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

05.07.2018 > 07.07.2018
Festival Video Art Miden: From Zero to Infinity

Historic Center of Kalamata, Greece

03.07.2018 > 07.07.2018
Festival Images Contre Nature 18
Videodrome 2, Marseille, France

07.02.18 > 16.02.18
Now&After International Video Art Festival
ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow, Russia

// 2017
27.11.2017 > 01.12.2017
Festival Video Babel
Centro Cultural USIL Cusco, Peru

Expanding Film #1
Pica Studios. York, England

Richterfest 2017
Science and Art space. Moscow, Russia

Germinal Experimental - This Is The Day
Germinal Gallery. Lisbon, Portugal

10 > 21.05.2017
IVAHM: International Video Art House Madrid
Museum La Neomudéjar . Madrid, Spain

6 and 7.05.2017
GAB-A 11th Edition: Galerias Abertas das Belas Artes
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

Filmideo 2017
Index Art Center. Newark, New Jersey, USA

25 > 29.04.2017
Proceso de Error: Festival Internacional de Video Arte
Casa Plan. Valparaíso, Chile

Um Mês Português
Cycle of Portuguese Cinema organized by Nucivo and AE FBAUL
Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

// 2016
25 > 30.11.2016
180 Anos das Belas Artes
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

FESTIVAL REVERSO 02 - Sessão Apostas: Novíssimos Realizadores Portugueses
Germinal Gallery / Sociedade Guilherme Cossoul. Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

16 and 17.04.2016
GAB-A 10th Edition: Galerias Abertas das Belas Artes
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

// 2015
18.11.2015 > 16.01.2016
I stood up and... never sat down again
Group exhibition at Plataforma Revólver. Santos, Lisbon, Portugal


// 2021
turva’s showcase at Semibreve
Braga, Portugal

live presentation of music/sound piece "The Jar"
at SMUP, Parede, Portugal

// 2020
Sound Session at the Exhibition "A Invenção da Amnésia"
at Casa d'Avenida, Setúbal, Portugal

// 2019
Alexandre Alagoa + Pedro Tavares + Z
Cossoul, Lisbon, Portugal

Junqueira Session: Victor Biolchini / Alagoa
Junqueira Studio, Lisbon, Portugal

Elite Gymnastics, Bbb Hairdryer, Alagoa, Marie-Pascale Hardy
Zaratan, Lisbon, Portugal

Alexandre Alagoa + André Silva + Pedro Tavares + Z
Audiovisual Improvisation, as part of SOMA
Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Portugal

Tridecasónico (opening)
Zaratan, Lisbon, Portugal

Alagoa / Tra$h Converters
Lounge Bar, Lisbon, Portugal

Here and I
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

Alagoa / Tra$h Converters
Café au Lait, Porto, Portugal

// 2018
Super Sonic Stereo Scope
Espaço Pogo Teatro, Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

Mariana + Pedro (visuals by Andre) / Alagoa (visuals by Tiago)
Great Auditorium FBAUL, Lisbon, Portugal


// 2020
Class/Talk on Vortex (2017) & the Structural Film for the course Curso Geral de Cinema
invited by the teacher Marco Laureano
CineReactor, Lisbon, Portugal

// 2019
Junqueira Session: Screening of Vortex + talk about Michael Snow, Takashi Ito & Toshio Matsumoto
Junqueira Studio, Lisbon, Portugal

// 2018
Talk around Michael Snow and the Structural Film
Associação Gandaia, Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Presentation and talk about the film Vortex at the Fotografia e Movimento course

by invitation of the teacher Luis Mendonça
Atelier de Lisboa, Alvalade, Lisbon, Portugal


// 2018
FIORE, Matheus (2018) Festival Ecrã – Vortex; Rochas Em Forma de Vento; 1048 Luas. [Em linha]

// 2016
MENDONÇA, Luís (2016) «O caso português: cinema experimental, esse estrangeiro», Re•vis•ta, número 2, 26 de Novembro 2016, pp. 45-55


// 2022
Animatou, Honorable Mention: GRID, 2022
EFEA, Experimental Film East Anglia, Best Editing: GRID, 2022
EFEA, Experimental Film East Anglia, Best International Film: GRID, 2022
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Jury Award: GRID, 2022

// 2021
Split Videoart Festival, GRAND PRIX Best Film: GRID, 2022

// 2019
Merit Based Grant: Best 2019 Masters Student
from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon