Spectrum, 2013 - 2014

Vídeo HD (1280x720), 16:9, Color, Sound, 4’00’’

Spectrum goes from the allegory concept to question the image as an absence/presence, a shadow or trace of a body projected on a screen - mirror, canvas or wall - that hides it or reveals it

So I make myself the measure of photographic "knowledge." What does my body know of Photography? I observed that a photograph can be the object of three practices (or of three emotions, or of three intentions): to do, to undergo/experience, to look. The Operator is the Photographer. The Spectator is ourselves, all of us who glance through collections of photographs in magazines and newspapers, in books, albums and archives. And the person or thing photographed is the target, the referent, a kind of little simulacrum, any eidolon emitted by the object, which I should like to call the Spectrum of the Photograph, because this word retains, through its root, a relation to "spectacle" and adds to it that rather terrible thing which is there in every photograph: the return of the dead.

- Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

Spectrum as part of the Group Exhibition I stood up and... never sat down again
at Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon
from 18.11.2015 to 16.01.2016