To Be A Mountain, 2018

I want to destroy Time

44 minutes of silence, piano, ambient and field recordings

1. This Little Space Inbetween
2. I Want To Destroy Time And Live In One Single Moment, Frozen, Inside Your Eyes
3. Massa com Beringela
4. Los Angeles Metro Station
5. Quiosque Garden
6. A Duplicated Man At The 726
7. Half of a Body

Music by Alexandre Alagôa
Mastered by Fernando Fadigas
Cover Image & Design by Alexandre Alagôa
Screenprinting by Paulo Sousa
Layout Design by Miguel Sá
Executive Producers: Fernando Fadigas & Miguel Sá
Distributed by Variz 2018

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I will always feel glad to be a Mountain
Forever in your landscape


Alagoa & Trash Converters
Live at Lounge Bar, Lisbon, Portugal
11th April 2019

Alagoa & Tra$h Converters
Live at Café au Lait, Porto, Portugal
8th March 2019

Super Sonic Stereo Scope
Espaço Pogo Teatro, Santos, Lisbon, Portugal
15th December 2018