Entering the Maze, 2017

A Entrada para o Labirinto is a video-essay about my film VORTEX (2017). It works has a way to think about the project and to show the process of creating it: its theorical and conceptual basis, the technical ideas involved, problems I had, changes I made, important artists that influenced it, thoughts inside my head, and so on... It's a sort of "behind the scenes" of the VORTEX.
The video-essay is divided in three chapters. The first one is about the wall as an important element in all of my projects, and the idea of claustrophobia present in the way I relate to it (the wall). The second chapter is about the mirror and the conceptual ideas around it, such as the double, perspective, repetition and illusion. The third and last one is about the Sctruture and the variations within it.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021