Experimental Films

Alagôa’s film and video work explores the mechanical, material and phyisical qualities of the audiovisual medium, shattering the senses of vision and hearing into new sensible and obscure realms

Audiovisual Installations

Alagôa’s installations stem from a dialogue between physiology, psychology and film, often inducing optical illusions, after-images and entoptic phenomena in order to destabilize, breakdown and (re)organize perceptual experience to its core elements

Music Albums

Following a strong influence from the early stages of acousmatic and concrete music, Alagoa’s compositions unfold from a mixture between electronic ambient music, field recordings, vocal sampling, and heavy processes of granular synthesis   

Selected Press

No longer formal or terrestrial, this new familiarity is a recognition of perceptive experiences at once infinitely farther and closer than the trees the camera passes under. Alagôa leaves us with the building blocks of perception, or, as Alagôa says, “the cosmology of perception”

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Founded in 2020 by Alexandre Alagôa and Luís Neto, turva asserts itself as an independent audiovisual label developing work in the fields of artistic production and publishing

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021