Friction Circuit, 2022

Digital video projection on metal
Video: loop, PAL, black and white
Sound: stereo audio exciters attached on the screen
Screen: metal, 80 x 60 cm

A photographic millimetric detail of the texture of a metal plate is enhanced and projected twice into that same surface. The first projection is static. The second projection is moving, vibrating to the sound impact of scratching and hitting on the metal piece. A closed energetic circuit is triggered between all involved elements: the continuous friction and juxtaposition between both still and moving images, along with the rhythmic sound provoked by the repetitive mantra cadence, unveil a kinetic experience which endures only in the retina of the observer. The immaterial (the projected enhanced texture of the metal) and material (the screen surface from which the projected image was created) endure in a state of continuous transmutation, conditioning a new resulting imagetic element which seems to bend or twist from its center onto its edges, turning solid into malleable matter.

︎ preview installation

Tuesday Oct 5 2021