The Jar, 2023

Transparent LP 12’’ Vinyl Disc

Serving as a metaphor for the relationship between time and human proximity, THE JAR asserts itself as a sound journal of mundane everyday life moments and conversations with loved ones, recorded by Alagoa after his departure from Portugal in 2019. Following a strong influence from the early stages of acousmatic and concrete music, the album unfolds into an experimental mixture between electronic ambient music, field recordings, vocal sampling, and heavy processes of granular synthesis.

Side A
1. The Jar [03:36]
2. Collecting Rocks [01:40]
3. Something Somewhere Not Here Not There [02:28]
4. Say [03:12]
5. ASMR: Tell Me You Love Me [02:13]

Side B
6. A Tua Voz Dentro Da Minha [04:08]
7. I Continue On Walking, Hopefully I Can Collect A Few More Rocks [03:47]
8. I'll Always Be Watching Over You, Even From Afar [02:53]
9. Unknown Territory [02:39]
10. I Carry Your Weight On My Shoulders, Gladly [02:05]

produced by turva
artwork & design by AALTAR System
master by James Plotkin

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021