Falling Eye, 2022

Digital video projection on metal
Video: loop, PAL, black and white
Sound: stereo audio exciters attached on the screen
Screen: metal, 118 x 90 cm

A half oval shape created by the humidity of a degrading cement wall is doubled by its reflection on water, now forming a new image resembling an eye or a brain tac. Following the waterfall visual phenomena, this new image is repeatedly projected as if moving towards the viewer, until a sudden break provokes the illusion that we are now falling into its center.

In ancient norse and asian cultures, one of the most famous types of torture consisted of letting water slowly drop in someone’s head, until that person was driven insane. Falling Eye follows that tradition, shattering both eyes and brain, finally leaving a blinding white aura printed in our vision after its flickering perceptive experience.

︎ preview installation

Tuesday Oct 5 2021