#TRV002 : October 2020
funcionário - Shichishito

Shichishito, seven branched sword. The new album from funcionário borrows its name from a ceremonial artifact, invoking an introspective journey through the alleyways of the main plot/blade that make up our own personal life. A precise and melodic brush painting what feels like blank sound canvases. At the 36 minute mark, after all the detours, we find a smooth and polished image, resulting in one unique experience, exactly like the sword aforementioned.
In comparison to previous releases, this body of work finds its landscapes more fluid and organic, a more familiar sound in its irregular linearity. The various branches of the blade is where we find the continuous stroke that sets the tone to this story’s arch. It’s in the foggy frontier between recordings and sample work that lives this serene ambient record. All branches of life in one single object, sound.

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︎ youtube.com/turva

released by turva
October 7, 2020
Available on Dicipack CD and digital
Mastered by Benjamim Castanheira
Drawings by Pedro Tinôco
Designed by AALTAR System

Tuesday Oct 5 2021