#TRV005 : November 2022
AG.R97 - Painwave

Grounded on an imaginary built by the duo, where alienation from rigid urban surroundings meets an escapism fueled fantasy and otherwordly mysticism, “Painwave” acts simultaneously as the album title and as a self-coined term that suggests the nuclear ambience of the record. Ranging from sound design infused electronic music to atmospheric jazz fusion with an ever present pop feel, delivering a quasi-cinematic experience which unfolds in a labyrinthine mash of abrasive and cerebral anthems as well as subtle and organic electroacoustic pieces.

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released by turva
November 11, 2022
Available on Jewel Box CD and digital (all platforms)
Produced by AG.R97
Photography by Elisa Azevedo
Master by James Plotkin

Tuesday Oct 5 2021