Corner, 2022

Digital Video, 3:2, Colour, Stereo Sound, 11'37''

The corner of a street is matched and mixed with the chant of a bird recorded on that same street.

A symbiotic relationship is triggered: the rapid and successively repetitive montage cuts between the image of the street and the corners of the video frame itself produce new textures and shapes in our brain, whilst the sound follows the same rhythmic movements by emphasizing different “corners” (frequencies) from the bird’s singing. The energetic potency stemming from the junction of these elements creates a new image that is almost tactitle, maleable and rippling.

The result is a somewhat humorous operation of the portuguese word "corner" throughout the different stages of making the piece, finally unveiling a piercing physical and kinetic experience for all the corners of our eyes and ears.

*CANTO (from the latin cantus)
from portuguese: corner, noun, singular.
from portuguese: chant, noun, singular.
from portuguese: verb to sing, first person singular, present tense.
english translation: portuguese homonym word meaning both CORNER and CHANT/TO SING.

︎ screener available upon request

Tuesday Oct 5 2021