When I Close My Eyes
I See Everything, 2022

Digital Video, 3:2, Colour, Stereo Sound, 13'30''

A Sunday walk in a forest turns into a poetic journey on perception.

From perpetually fluid hand-held and improvised camera movements, to the use of rain, glass, plastics, leaves and dirt as lens filters, to a careless and sudden shift between long and quick shutter speeds, When I Close My Eyes evokes the world of entoptic phenomena so inherent to our perceptual organism.

Establishing a continuous dialogue between physiological studies of the aural and visual fields with the territory of experimental cinema, Alagôa explores how certain precise and nuanced stimulations of the human sensory receptors can have an immediate impact on the auto-reflexive nature of its whole nervous system, piercing it, destabilizing it, ripping it to shreds, breaking its gravitational point.

The result is displayed through a universe of phosphenes, purkinje trees, after-images and other closed-eye imagery resembling a pilgrimage through infinite space, exploding stars, unhabited galaxies and erupting supernovas, so unveiling a whole original cosmology inside each and every single one of us.

awards & honorable mentions
2022, Best International Film, Bogotá Experimental Film Fesitval, Colombia

︎ screener available upon request

Tuesday Oct 5 2021